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HOW-OA Basics

The 12 Steps of Recovery

The Twelve Traditions

The HOW-OA Tools of Recovery

The Twelve Concepts of OA Service

HOW Concept

Chapter 3 More About Alcoholism

Chapter 5: How It Works (From AA Big Book)

Serenity Prayer

Sponsee Guidelines (pdf) (for new members)

For Meeting Secretaries

OA-HOW Sample Meeting Format

Meeting Sign-in Sheet

Meeting Contribution Form

The Promises (Optional Meeting Closing)

The Unity Prayer (Meeting Closing)

Just For Today (Optional Meeting Closing)

Packet Graphic 5-25-15 (Newcomers Packet printing & assembly instructions)

HOW Newcomers 6-16-18 (HOW-OA Newcomers Brochure)

HOW Weigh Measure 6-16-18 (HOW-OA Weighing & Measuring Brochure)

Welcome Back Phone 5-25-15 (Relapse & Recovery We Care List form)

OA Crosstalk

HOW-OA Sales Tax Form

Non-HOW OA Resource Links

Overeaters Anonymous website

To contact Intergroup Chairs

To reach the Intergroup secretary, treasurer, chairperson or webmaster, please use contact form below. You may leave your message in the form or request their direct email addresses.