7th Tradition

After long last, I am pleased to announce that HOW-OA Intergroup of Northern California is able to receive digital payments! We can receive monies and can reimburse expenses for ALL transactions that include:
7th Tradition Contributions – Group & Individual
Registration for Retreats, Workshops, Events, etc.
Reimburse expenses for GSR, WSO, fundraisers, office expenses, copies, etc.

Please read all the information below. All of your questions will be answered! Thank you!

To streamline our Treasurer position and make paying contributions, registering for retreats, and everything else we do easier, we have upgraded our process to receive contributions virtually through digital payment platforms, i.e., CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, and Paypal. We will also be able to reimburse you through the same methods! Having this streamlined process alleviates writing checks, trips to the post office, paper tracking, and downtime waiting for money to process. The financial transactions will be processed in a matter of seconds and the money will be transferred within minutes. It’s a WIN/WIN for everyone!

YES, WE WILL STILL ACCEPT CHECKS. Please mail them directly to the post office listed on the contribution forms. And I also encourage everyone to learn this new process of paying/being reimbursed digitally. If you can, help someone else who may not understand this process or may feel intimidated. Together we can make this work! Thank you!
If you have a smart phone, you can download the apps directly to your phone, set up an account, and pay directly from your phone. You can also use your computer as well to set up accounts, etc.
If you have a newer smartphone, you can scan the attached QR codes in your “camera”. The websites will pop up and you can follow the links to set up/pay that way. You can also download QR Code Apps that do that process as well if you’re phone isn’t that new. These are very simple to set up and require just a few minutes of your time.

In order to ensure that all monies coming in are allocated appropriately EACH INCOMING DIGITAL TRANSACTION MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: (put this info in the “notes” section in the payment App)
•Name of person sending
•Group Number or Individual
•Day/Time of Meeting
•City of Meeting
•Event Name/Type – If registering for an event

If you know a payment is coming due because you’ve paid it in the past and have received a notification, or receive an invoice for payment, etc., please forward them to our email address at ig.treasurer.norca@gmail.com for direct payment. I will pay those and request that all future notifications be directed to the Treasurer for payment.

In order to receive reimbursement for expenses, please take a picture of your receipt and email to ig.treasurer.norca@gmail.com with the following information:

•Your name
•Date(s) of transaction
•Items purchased (if applicable)
•Reason for reimbursement (travel, GSR, WSO, etc,.)
•Amount of EACH transaction
•Total to be reimbursed
•Method for reimbursement: CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, or Check
•If requesting reimbursement by digital platform include your cell phone number AND name/ID on your account.
•If requesting paper check, please include your current mailing address. Please allow up to 30 days for check reimbursement.

We now accept payments through the following:
CashApp – Name/ID: $HOWOANorcal – App and online. NO fees to send/receive.

Venmo – Name/ID: @how-oa_norcal – App and online. NO fees to send/receive.

Zelle – Name/ID: ig.treasurer.norca@gmail.com – App, Online, most banks. NO fees to send/receive.

Paypal – Name/ID: @HOWOANorcal – App and online. NO fees to send/receive.


Please note: If you’re paying through Zelle, that can be done through most major banks and some credit unions. You’ll need to do the research on that as I will not be able to help. If your bank/credit union does not support Zelle you can download the App and use the service that way. After you’ve set up your account and you’re trying to send money, if you keep getting an error message that you can’t find our username (ig.treasurer.norca@gmail.com) the issue is on your end, and I cannot help you. Our account is verified and receives payments regularly through Zelle. You will need to contact Zelle customer support directly to get assistance. Thank you.